David E. Desplaces, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, School of Business and Economics, College of Charleston, USA

  307 Tate Center

  5 Liberty Street
  Suite 300
  Charleston, SC 29401

  Tel: (843) 953-6446
  Fax: (843) 953-5697


Dr. David Desplaces has experience teaching principles of international management, global commerce, entrepreneurship, managing organizational behaviors, business creation, introduction to business, leadership and managerial skills courses.

Fall 2009: MGMT 105 - Introduction to Business Learning Community: Art of Business
MGMT 325: International Management
TRAN 360: Global Commerce and Enterprises

Winter 2010: Tran 360 Global Commmerce in Dubai (study abroad course in cooperation with the University of Hartford

Dr. Desplaces is to teach a study abroad course in Dubai in cooperation with the University of Hartford - New Year 2008 in Dubai
5 Liberty Street, Suite 300, Charleston, SC 29401