David E. Desplaces, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, School of Business and Economics, College of Charleston, USA

  307 Tate Center

  5 Liberty Street
  Suite 300
  Charleston, SC 29401

  Tel: (843) 953-6446
  Fax: (843) 953-5697


Dr. David Desplaces is actively involved in the Moral Development and Competency Longitudinal Research Project.

The primary goal of this research was to conduct a longitudinal study that tracked over 5 years the moral judgment competence of business students who are destine to become the future leaders at the helm of private and public corporations around the world, as well as assess the impact that the business curricula has on students' moral judgment competence. We are completing the data collection. One paper was accepted in the Journal of Business Ethics, One is being considered in the special issue of the Journal of Academic Ethics. Dr. Desplaces is heading this initiative (also founded the project including designing the survey and maintaining the web surveying process). Data collection cover 5 years at three institutions in the north east (1000 students and over 100 faculty each year).

Dr. Desplaces is to teach a study abroad course in Dubai in cooperation with the University of Hartford - New Year 2008 in Dubai
5 Liberty Street, Suite 300, Charleston, SC 29401