Welcome to the Study Abroad in Dubai web site.

The School of Business at the College of Charleston is pleased to offer for the fourth year this one-week study abroad opportunity in Dubai (Dec. 27, 2011 - Jan. 5, 2012) for Undergraduate Students (Global Commerce and Enterprise).

Dubai is often referred to as the fastest growing city in the world. It has become a principal financial center, a major hub of global trade (Dubai Ports World), and a prime tourist destination, especially in the winter months. It has home-grown, world class corporations such as Emirates Airlines and Dubai Ports World, as well as many transplant corporations. You might have heard of the tallest building in the world along with the largest airport to be build (6 runways with 100,000 parking spaces). All this activity is projected to grown the country's GDP in 2008 by 22.4%, 80% annual population growth, and the use of at least 20% (some say a third!) of the world’s total supply of construction cranes. This dynamic city looks noticeably different every time one visits it! You might wonder if it is all oil-based growth and yet oil only accounted for 5.4% of Dubai’s GDP in 2005 (DCCI report). An international business course in Dubai offers a chance to explore this question and an opportunity to witness firsthand this truly exceptional economic phenomena.

We hope this web site will inform you of this opportunity to study abroad in Dubai and explore opportunities of doing business in Dubai and the UAE. This course requires pre and post classes with a trip that includes many site visits to companies as well as other fun activities. Please feel free to contact either one of us for further details or clarifications regarding this exciting study abroad opportunity. We also strongly recommend to visit the Center for International Education to complete an application as space is limited (10 only)! Qualified applicants will be accepted on a first come first selected basis.

Dr. David Desplaces
Program Director
Julie Swigert
Study Abroad Coordinator